Our mission at Summit Spine & Therapy is to serve each patient with a customized corrective care plan to provide a better quality of life. There is no one-size-its-all plan, and each patient deserves time and attention in order to create an effective therapy plan that will provide them with more than just relief from pain. Our goal is to improve the everyday life of each individual that comes through our door.

At Summit Spine & Therapy we provide the highest level of chiropractic and rehabilitation for spine and joint care.  Our team is set apart from other chiropractic and physical therapy offices because we take the time to seek out the subtle underlying muscular imbalances that are often responsible for pain and dysfunction.  These weak links or “energy leaks” can present as pain or hinder performance in athletes.  Our team also empowers the patient by providing home exercises that deal directly with the body’s imbalances.  This allows the patient to continue rehabilitation in between appointments and well after the treatment plan is over.  By making the patient a part of their own rehab, it creates a team like relationship between the patient and the treating chiropractic physician.

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Summit Spine and Therapy

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Summit Spine and Therapy