Community and Outreach

Summit Spine and Therapy works with many organizations in the community and beyond. Dr. Scott is always open to new opportunities with student athletes, adult athletes, and other community organizations.

Dr. Scott has been working with the Purdue diving team for the past four years, traveling to the West Lafayette campus and on road trips during competitions. While working with the dive team, his treatments consist mostly of chiropractic, myofascial, and massage therapy.

He also created a diving specific shoulder strength and flexibility program for the Miami University diving team.

Dr. Clark Scott Indianapolis chiropractor olympic diving

USA Olympic Diving Trials 2016

Most recently, Dr. Scott has been working with the USA dive team for the 2016 Olympics. He began

working with the dive team when they were in his local city practicing in 2009, and worked the first US Diving Summer Nationals event in 2010. In 2011 he traveled to Montreal for Canada Cup. He then traveled with them for the 2012 Olympics in London. He has also traveled with the team to Fort Lauderdale’s Grand Prix, and FINA World Championships in Barcelona in 2013. He traveled to Puerto Rico Grand Prix , and FINA World Cup in China in 2014. He is now in Rio for the 2016 Olympics working with the team.

While working with the team, Dr. Scott serves as an athletic trainer and chiropractor, doing injury evaluations, assessments, treatment plans and return to competition plans. He also performs various types of myofascial and chiropractic treatments, pre and post competition myofascial therapy and massage therapy.

Dr. Scott also works with local gymnasts through a gymnastics club, including work at the PG Championship, where some of the top gymnasts competed in downtown Indianapolis in 2016.