Patient Testimonials

Hi. I’m happy to tell how helpful coming here has been…
It has made a huge difference in my recovery to have Dr. Scott’s expertise. I appreciate that at Summit I’ve received more holistic treatment, not just another chiropractor, but a broader perspective including massage and physical therapy too. I’ve learned movements, stretches and exercises to help avoid future injuries and to function in a healthier, safer way in my daily life. I highly recommend Summit to anyone needing their care.


To whom it may concern:  I am elderly (in my seventies) and legally disabled with severe arthritis in every joint in my body.  For 30 years, I have sought effective treatment for this insidious disease; and by far, Dr. Scott has provided me with the most effective treatment plan I could ever imagine.  He has shown me numerous tools to change the limitations arthritis has placed on every daily activity from problems and pain “etched in stone” to challenges to simply learning how to compensate better.  I believe so deeply in him both as a person and a doctor that I feel very fortunate to have found him.  He truly has “Healing Hands”.  I recommend him highly.


I was walking around and boy, quality of life is certainly improved by Michelle’s skills.  I wanted to let her know that…  Thank you, thank you!  I feel so much better!


I have been to about 6 different chiropractors and physical therapists for my rotated vertebrae in my upper back (an old athletic injury). Most chiropractors would just pop me the same way they would do anyone else, and this would sometimes relieve pain, but only for about a week and then the pain would set back in. I was discouraged because I thought I’d have to go my whole life with constant pain or continue going to the chiropractor weekly (which wasn’t realistic for me). I tried physical therapists, but since they would only work with my muscles and not re-set the bones (since they would rotate to the injured and learned position for them), it wouldn’t relieve my pain. I even considered surgery. I am SO THANKFUL I found Dr. Scott. He is both an athletic trainer and chiropractor. It’s amazing that he can tell what part of my back is giving me fits just by feeling. He’s always right on where the muscles are cramping or the bones are locked up. Since I have been going to him, I WILL NOT EVER be going to anyone else. I literally have gone up to 6 months between visits pain free!! Which is just amazing, since I was in constant pain before seeing him. My life is much better and I think it’s genius that he thought to put together everything, including medical massage, under one roof. I know every time I go, I will leave feeling amazing. Thanks Dr. Scott!!!


 “When I started having troubles with my back from lifting, I decided to come to Summit Spine to see Dr. Scott.  Getting adjusted regularly has helped me to stay healthy and continue to do the activities I enjoy the most!”