Summit Spine and Therapy offers many chiropractic, soft tissue and muscle therapy, and therapeutic massage services. Our common chiropractic techniques include MPI, Diversified, and Cox Flexion and Distraction. We also treat through other methods such as active myofascial release, active instrument therapy, positional release, and cupping therapy.

Sports Performance therapies can differ depending on the athlete and severity of injury or ailment. Athletes can benefit from chiropractic for many reasons. Athletic performance in itself is affected by a combination of speed, strength, flexibility and coordination. Even if the sports are lower impact and not as physically demanding, the small impacts on the body and spine in particular can cause imperfections in the movement and alignment.

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Our methods treat a variety of injuries, pains, and disorders including, but not limited to: back and neck injuries, sore or torn muscles, arthritis, whiplash, foot pain, hip and knee pain, sports injuries, TMJ disorder, headaches, and more!

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